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            Research and Development

            Manufacturing Capacity
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            Manufacturing Capacity

              SMMC possesses of more then 2000 sets of variety equipment among which including excellent manufacturing equipment welding casting, forging heat treatment ,lathe, milling machine planer equipment ,230ofwhich are precise equipment ,The welding equipment made by Germany milling and boring machine ,made by France ,gear machining center made by Germany are unwonted equipment in Shenyang .During the seventh five-year-plan and the eight five-year-plan, SMMC invests the capital to technical reformation and let the production of the new main products to a certain quantity.
            large vertical milling and boring machine from France numerical control grinding and boring machine from Germany
            horizontal milling and boring machining center from Germany Quenching and press machine from Germany
            Adopting the complete sets of equipment and manufacturing techniques of Klingelnberg CO. of Germany,we machine the spiral bevel gear.
            Butter welder for idler Raw Material Preparation plant
            Automobile welding machine for casting welding pulley Numerical control cutting machine
            Large plate bending machine Vertical lathe
            Heavy duty plate cutting machine Vertical butter boring and milling machine

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